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10500 30% Off
MRP ₹ 15000
21000 30% Off
MRP ₹ 30000
35000 30% Off
MRP ₹ 50000
45500 30% Off
MRP ₹ 65000
Number of Posts per Month Up to 15 Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 60
Networks Included: Account Creation Facebook, Instagram Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
Custom Images for Posts
Number of Boosted Posts Upto 1 Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 6
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Daily Monitoring of Social Assets
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Monitoring of Boosted Post LEADS Mon Mon, Wed Mon, Wed, Fri Daily
Personal social media consultation per month
Cover & Profile Photo Design/Optimisation
Network Setup & Optimization
Social ad account audit
Social Advertising Strategy
Creative Ad development
Custom targeting
Keyword, interest, user intent targeting
Unique Ads Campaign
Landing page performance testing
Device targeting
Demographic targeting
Advanced keyword research and selection
E-commerce website catalog setup For Social Media
10500 30% Off
MRP ₹ 15000
21000 30% Off
MRP ₹ 30000
35000 30% Off
MRP ₹ 50000
45500 30% Off
MRP ₹ 65000
Working process
Title Discription
STEP 01 :- We first discuss with the client and then note down his requirements
STEP 02 :- Then we send the plans of the project to our client
STEP 03 :- After finalizing the design and plan, we collect all photos, contents, videos from our client
STEP 04 :- Then we will take 100% in advance payment from the client and then we will start our work
STEP 05 :- We will take 3 to 5 Days time to analyse the requirements of our client
STEP 06 :- Then we will create multiple post for different platforms
STEP 07 :- We take feedback from the client and then our team work on it
STEP 08 :- When the client approves their post, then we will put that post on Google & Social Media
NOTE :- If Client needs 2D Animation & Graphic Services then we do logo designing, Branding, cartoon designing & many more 65+ services
NOTE :- Team & Support Available - Monday to Saturday 09:30 am to 7:30 pm Only

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