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Working process
Title Discription
STEP 01 :- We first discuss with the client and then note down his requirements
STEP 02 :- Then we send the plans and samples of the project to our client
STEP 03 :- After finalizing the design and plan, we collect all photos, contents, videos from our client
STEP 04 :- Then we will take 70% in advance payment from the client and then we will start our work
STEP 05 :- We will take 6 to 8 Days time to build a 5 Pages website and then show it to the client
STEP 06 :- We first test the website at our level and then upload it to the Google
STEP 07 :- After uploading the website to Google, we take feedback from the client, and then our teamwork on it
STEP 08 :- When the client approves their website, then we will put that website on the live domain
STEP 09 :- After completing your project you have to clear the remaining 30 % balance amount
NOTE :- If the Client needs Website Promotions then we do SEO, SMO, PPC, SMM & many more 65+ services
NOTE :- Team & Support Available - Monday to Saturday 09:30 am to 7:30 pm Only

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